I’ve wanted to work at Honda since I got my first Honda dirt bike at 7 years old. When I got involved with aviation and got my private pilot’s license in high school, my interests shifted. I heard about the new HondaJet and I began applying for internships while I was studying at Virginia Tech. After three years of applying, I finally got offered a full time position.

I’m pretty active and outdoorsy – climbing, mountain biking, and hang gliding are some of my favorite activities. I have a bachelors and masters degree in aerospace engineering from Virginia Tech and this is my first engineering position.

I am a stress analyst, so I am responsible for writing reports and estimating how much it would take to break our plane. I mostly do my work in front of a computer collecting info from finite element analysis, although sometimes I find myself in the R&D labs doing some more hands on work.

I have a really great team and a constant supply of challenging tasks, so I never have to be worried about being bored at work, and I never have to be worried about being in over my head since I’ve got such great team members always willing to help out.

My advice to young professionals is to be picky about your location. I love Greensboro because I am close to Virginia Tech, close to my mom in Raleigh, close to the mountains, and not too far from the beach.