I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and later I went back to school to get my MBA and graduated from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business.

Throughout my career, I have served in either an engineering or project management capacity. I worked in the fiber optic and space side of aerospace, mainly working on either optical systems or telescopes used for space satellite programs for commercial applications. I worked on two major NASA projects – James Webb Space Telescope and the Weather Satellite program. I joined Honda Aircraft Company because it satisfied my desire to remain in a high technology environment, but also allowed me to work for a company with a defined culture and management framework that would allow me to grow and develop as a leader. I’m currently a senior manager in supply chain. I made the transition to this position after spending four years in the program office. Over the course of the last year, I’ve worked on building a cross functional team that builds customer designed and manufactured components, including landing gear, fuel and flight control systems as well as the engine on the aircraft. It is a very dynamic work environment and cross functional, including procurement, contracting, project management, planning and logistics. We work together to ensure we have continuation of hardware to build the airplane or work with suppliers for product improvement. The opportunities that Honda Aircraft Company presents to me and others on a day-to-day basis are always changing and unique. While the theme of what I’m trying to accomplish each day is consistent, the way I engage with people or problems I’m involved with changes daily. This keeps my work fresh and the challenge high. It motivates me and others to continue to come in every day and make a positive contribution. I look every day to produce something that is beneficial to the company. I seek to make a contribution to Honda Aircraft Company’s progress. For me, I want to be a part of Honda’s growth year over year. My advice to those entering the workforce is to stop worrying about the next opportunity and focus on mastering your current role. When you perfect your current position, the next opportunity will present itself. Outside of work, I enjoy Cross Fit, running, mountain biking, golfing and skiing.