I received a classic French education and earned my Master’s Degree in business administration and my post-graduate diploma in strategy and marketing. After university, I began my career in the aviation industry. I’ve been in the industry for 25 years and in business aviation specifically for 23 years.

At Honda Aircraft Company, I serve as the vice president of finance. The beauty of what I do is that I am able to collaborate with all departments. Our team uses data to find a way forward for all divisions in the company. It’s great to work interdepartmentally to achieve our goals.

I decided to join Honda Aircraft Company because it is the first new entrant in this market since Embraer about 50 years ago. How many times in your lifetime in this industry can you make a difference with a new entrant? Plus the aircraft is really cool. The first time I saw it at NBAA I thought it was different unique, interesting and fresh.

Honda Aircraft Company is a unique place to work because the workforce is made up of so many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Everyone comes together to create a unique set of solutions to the different issues in business aviation. In finance alone, we have six nationalities with very different backgrounds and different perspectives.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time with music and play a few instruments. I also enjoy watching rugby – my grandfather was a local rugby referee so I inherited that from him. Additionally, I love everything related to history, aviation related or not.

I have two things to relay to young professionals. One – there is no certainty other than things will inevitably change, so keep an open mind. The second is please ask “why” we are doing certain things because, after a while, we take things for granted and start creating the mental barrier that things cannot change. I believe we need the push from the younger generation to ask us questions so we can set them and our company up for future success.