I decided to join Honda Aircraft Company because I wanted to work in a company that can truly impact the aviation/aerospace industry on a global scale. I have been also a fan of the HondaJet and had been following news about the aircraft in the media, so when I was studying at Duke, I attended many events hosted by Honda Aircraft, including a guest lecture by our CEO and president Michimasa Fujino, to learn more about the company.

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan and came to the US for graduate school. I majored in aeronautics and astronautics at the University of Tokyo with a concentration on aerospace propulsion. For my Master’s degrees, I studied turbomachinery aeroelasticity at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and at Duke University here in North Carolina as part of an international program. Prior to Honda Aircraft Company, I spent my Master’s summer in Japan for two internships in the R&D of liquid rocket engine turbopump, one at a large established company and the other at a small startup. During my undergraduate years, I also worked as a part-time teacher and programmer every weekend.

At Honda Aircraft Company, I am an engineer in Flight Sciences. In this position, I am responsible for flutter analysis of our aircraft. I also support production by analyzing data and writing technical specifications. To me, Honda Aircraft is fast-paced as I imagined for a young company, but there are many experienced people, so I can get support if necessary. I enjoy working on innovative airplanes that can inspire many customers and fans around the world.

I feel Honda Aircraft Company is unique in the sense that young engineers can take very important roles in the team. There are a lot of challenging opportunities to develop my skills. When I joined Honda Aircraft, I was surprised that I conduct analysis that can directly impact an entire project. I think it is the best environment for a young engineer, which I really appreciate.

I would like to advise students to take every opportunity they have and find what you like to do. Go somewhere you have never been to, meet new people and learn something new. You will learn what you like and also what you are good at. Understand that all job searches are stressful processes, but as long as you can picture a clear target in your mind, you will be less stressed along the way.