I graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering. I have always had a desire to know how things are built, which is what excited me about a career in engineering. I worked for an architectural firm right out of college and soon understood that I needed more of a challenge, which led me to Honda Aircraft Company. Joining Honda Aircraft gave me the opportunity to explore a new world that I hadn’t been exposed to before and the experience has been unbelievable. I have been here seven years now and the journey is still exciting.

As a supplier quality engineer at Honda Aircraft, I am part of a team that ensures our suppliers have a proper quality system in place. I am also responsible for conducting analysis with suppliers and conducting periodic audits of the supplier’s quality system to ensure compliance to Honda Aircraft’s supplier requirements. Our group is also responsible for ensuring the inspection of articles received at Honda Aircraft are inspected according to the released engineering. As I continue my career here, I am looking forward to learning new and innovative ways of developing and maintaining robust quality systems. A robust quality system is very important to the health of a manufacturing company.

When I was a kid, I always built airplane models so playing a role in the manufacturing of the HondaJet is something I could have only dreamed of. My position offers the ability to work with every piece of the aircraft and it is fulfilling to see the aircraft once completed. My advice is don’t be afraid take a step on faith to follow your dream. That’s the first step to becoming successful.

Outside of the office, I enjoy pool time with my family, fitness, model building, drawing, and motorcycling riding.